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Mission Statement
MMMS exist to share the good news of Jesus Christ through Apologetic eBooks, Christian Poetry, Scripture Reviews and Articles of Interest. They Are Designed For Christian Edification. MMMS also offers Ministry Marketing Services for Authors, Church and Para-Church Organization… including direct mail, website development, brochure design, book covers, letter writing, promo cards, list rentals and more.

Foundation Principle
"For we walk by faith, not by sight”
(II Corinthians 5:7)

We believe that our destiny is determined by our faith. This is the foundation from which our Christian lifestyle is fashioned. The quality of our life is directly linked to our faith. Our victory, our finances, our peace, our health & every other aspect of life is determined by how well we walk by faith.

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"No Weapon formed against you will prosper." Isaiah 54:17

“Be not hasty in thy
spirit to be angry:
for anger rests in
the bosom of fools.”
Ecclesiastes 7:9

Poem of The Month

For The Joy
Set Before Him

I could have lived forever,
As a simple mortal man.
I could have called 10,000 angels,
To help me to stand.
But I laid down my life
Despising the shame.
For the joy set before me,
Was your life to gain.

I could have stayed in heaven,
As the supreme ruler of all things.
I could have played among the stars,.
And listened for the flutter of angel's wings.
But I laid down my life,
Despising the shame.
For the joy set before me,
Was to know you by name.

I could have sent my armies,
To rid the world of sin.
I could have destroyed the Earth,
As I did way back then.
But I bore the suffering of the cross,
Despising the shame.
For the joy set before me,
Was to take away your pain.

I could have done a lot of things,
To make this world right.
But God so loved the world,
That I endured the shame.
For the joy set before me,
Was your love to gain.

Written By
John Marinelli



In The Spotlight

The Atonement

Jesus was crucified to save those that believed in Him. If we qualify as a, “Whosoever Believes”, we are entitled to all the benefits that come with the plan. (John 3:16) tells us, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” We can see by what Jesus said in this verse that the 1st two benefits of His death, burial and resurrection are a pardon from death…will not perish and the second being everlasting life.

It should be noted that the meaning of “Everlasting” is life without end. That only happens in God. His life never ends and He alone is life. Without Him, there is no life. So to have everlasting life is to be connected to the life-giver. Thus when we, as Christians, are “In Him” we are connected by faith, which is the same as believing.

I know that you may be questioning my premise and might feel that this looks like a limited grace designed for an elect few. However, that’s not what I mean. The call is open to WHOSOEVER WILL, which encompasses all of humanity. The sad part about it is that there will be only a select few that accept the invitation. This select few is prophesized as a, “Remnant”. That Remnant will still be millions because they have been gathered from every county, every walk of life, and every century.

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